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(I) Admission type: Full-time master's or doctoral candidates.

(2) Term of study and time of admission

The term of study for Business Administration and its secondary disciplines is 2 years, and the term of study for other majors is 3 years. If you need language learning, you can apply for language learning for 1-2 years.

(3)Admission time: September.

(4) Applicant's qualifications

1) Non-Chinese citizens in good health

2) Educational background and age requirements:

i. Applicants who wish to study for a master's degree in China must hold a bachelor's degree and be under the age of 35.

ii. Applicants who wish to study for a doctoral degree in China must hold a master's degree and be under the age of 40.

(5) Content of the Scholarship: Partial scholarship

1) Free tuition. (Free of charge during the period of study)

2) Accommodation fee: Free dormitories are provided. (Provided during the period of study)

3) Living expenses: 1,700 RMB per month for 4 semesters, the expenses for the rest study time should be paid by himself/herself.

4) Comprehensive medical insurance will be provided.

(6) Application method

After January 1st, international students should submit a written application to the office of International Student according to the application conditions. Please send two copies of the following paper materials to the office of International Student of Northeast Electric Power University, and also send the electronic version of the application materials to the email address:

1) Application Form for International Students of Northeast Electric Power University

Download address:

2) Jilin Provincial Government Scholarship Application Form for International Students. Fill in Chinese or English

Download address:

3) Notarized highest education certificate. A notarized translation in Chinese or English is required.

4) Transcript: Translation in Chinese or English must be attached and notarized.

5) Study and research plan in China: Written in Chinese or English.

6) Letters of recommendation: Submit letters of recommendation from two professors or associate professors in Chinese or English.

7) A copy of "Foreign Physical Examination Records": Copies (originals are kept by themselves and bring it to China). The original download address:

8) A copy of your passport.

Note: (1) Fax copies of application materials will not be accepted

(2) The above application materials will not be returned regardless of whether the applicant is admitted or not.

      After the examination and assessment, the university will send the Admission Notice and the JW-202 form to qualified applicants. The applicant can apply for the study visa in China with the two documents and register at the school according to the date specified by the school. Please bring the original application documents to the school when registering.

(7) Application deadline: June 30 (arrival date of materials)