Welcome, New NEEPUers!

On Sep. 7 morning, NEEPU started to welcome its freshmen. Li Guoqing, Chairperson of University Council, President Cai Guowei, Yang Baozhong, Vice Chairperson of University Council, and Li Chen, Vice Chairperson of University Council came to the orientation field to give instructions and talked with the freshmen and their parents. President Cai Guowei expressed his warm welcome to the new NEEPUers and he delivered suggestions and expectation as well. ‘The first year is crucial. Obtain good study habits and study hard. You will see the benefits in the future. Every effort you make at NEEPU will become your precious fortune when you graduate.’A poster of ‘ten thousand NEEPUers’ smiling faces’ is decorated to welcome the newcomers. May the new NEEPUers become‘diligent, rigorous, realistic and creative’as the motto of NEEPU. 

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