Academic Paper Published by NEDU Professors Nominated for ENI Award 2016

Academic paper,‘Three-Dimensional Structure of a Huadian Oil Shale Kerogen Model: An Experimental and Theoretical Study’, by Associate Prof. LIU Chunguang, Prof. GUAN Xiaohui and Prof. WANG Qing is published on Energy &Fuels, which is an international well-known journal in the field of energy and environment. According to the research results, a relatively stable Huadian kerogen three-dimensional (3D) model was proposed. Moreover, this 3D model was testified reasonablely through the match between calculated and experimental 13C NMR spectra. Based on the above research results, it has been nominated for ENI Award 2016.

The ENI Award is a prize awarded by the Italian oil and gas company ENI with the aim of encouraging better use of energy sources and increased environmental research. The strict award guidelines and the notable names on the selection committee (including Nobel laureates) make ENI a coveted award. List of ENI award winners include Nobel laureates like Harold W. Kroto and Alan Heeger.