A five-person delegation of CHONBUK NATIONAL UNIVERSITY (CBNU), led by President Lee Numho, visited NEDU on Oct. 26. President Li Guoqing, Vice President Wang Jianguo met with the delegation at Academic Activity Center. Directors and deans of relevant departments and offices participated. 

CHONBUK NATIONAL UNIVERSITY (CBNU) is a national research university founded in 1947, located in Jeonju, Republic of Korea. As the flagship national university for the Jeollabuk-do province (Chonbuk means Jeonbuk for Jeollabuk-do), Chonbuk National University has been ranked 501–550th in the world by QS Top Universities Ranking in 2010. CBNU has grown to 15 colleges, 7 graduate schools, and 3 professional graduate schools. CBNU's Jeonju campus provides approximately 30,000 students and 2,000 faculty and staff members with educational, research and support facilities. CBNU maintains cooperative programs with international educational institutions, and more than 500 international students are enrolled in its degree programs, in addition to around 100 international researchers. 

President Li Guoqing welcomed the delegation and gave a brief introduction to NEDU. President Li Guoqing said that the two universities have many similarities between each other and we have already been discussing cooperation in the field of sports. President Li Guoqing believed that with the consistent efforts made by both sides, mutual development will be achieved. 

President Lee Numho introduced the purpose of this visit. He said that NEDU is a very good university and he would like to cooperate with NEDU. Taking sports as a starting point, President Lee Numho suggested that CBNU and NEDU further develop cooperation in the fields of international student education and teachers’ training. He offered Korean language courses for teachers from NEDU.

Both parties expressed the willing to discuss details of the cooperation and to carry out the specific cooperation plan as soon as possible. After the meeting, President Lee Numho and President Li Guoqing signed an academic exchange agreement. 

Accompanied by President Li Guoqing, the delegation walked around the campus and visited some key labs.