Talents Wanted

In order to attract high-level talents all over the world, except for regular salaries, NEEPU provides extra work and living treatment. The details are as follows:   

Famous scholars such as academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, “Chang Jiang Scholars”, candidate of national “1000-Scholars Project”, winner of National Outstanding Youth Fund:

NEEPU provides a transitional apartment for introduced full-time scholars, which will become the scholars’ personal property after 5 years’ consistent work at the university. If introduced as a team, a once-for-all scientific research subsidy of 10,000,000 RMB will be given to the academician and his/her team. For scholars with other titles, a once-for-all scientific research subsidy of 5,000,000 RMB will be provided to natural science scholars and their team, while 1,000,000 RMB subsidy to humanities and social sciences scholars and their team. Meanwhile, monthly subsidy of 10,000 RMB for high-level talents is offered. 

Chang Bai Mountain Scholars, Distinguished Professors:

A 5-year transitional apartment is provided, as well as a room for research. 2,000,000 RMB/person is provided for natural science scholars, while 500,000 RMB/person for humanities and social sciences scholars. Scientific research start-up capital of 300,000 RMB, post allowance of 200,000 RMB/person/year, setting-in allowance of 300,000 RMB is offered.  

Discipline (Academic) Leaders:

A 5-year transitional apartment is provided, as well as a room for research. Scientific research start-up capital of 300,000 RMB, monthly allowance of 3,000 RMB for Discipline (Academic) Leaders and setting-in allowance of 300,000 RMB is offered.

Outstanding Young Teachers (Graduates with a Doctoral Degree):

A 5-year transitional apartment is provided, as well as a room for research. Spouse with a full-time master’s degree can be considered to work at the university. Scientific research start-up capital of 50,000 RMB, performance-based monthly allowance of 2,000 RMB for doctoral degree owners (by assessment) is provided. 100 RMB will be added to the monthly allowance for doctoral degree owners each year, till the allowance reaches 3,000 RMB. A laptop is provided. Employed as associate professor or professor within the university. Setting-in allowance of 100,000 to 300,000 RMB is offered according to research area and assessment made by the university.      

Details are as follows:

Setting-in Allowance of 300,000 RMB

1. Electrical Engineering: Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering and Automation, ‘Electrical Engineering’ as the first-grade subject for master’s degree and doctoral degree, and the research direction is among ‘Power System and Automation’, ‘New Energy Power Generation and Grid Technology’, ‘New Distribution Power Technology’ and ‘High Voltage and Insulation Technology’.

2. Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics: Bachelor degree in, ‘Thermal Energy and Power Engineering’, ‘Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics’  as the first-grade subject for master’s degree and doctoral degree, and the research direction is among ‘Thermal Power Engineering’, ‘Engineering Thermophysics’, ‘Fluid Machinery and Engineering’ and ‘Power Machinery and Engineering (directions of steam turbine, wind turbine)’.

While setting-in allowance is provided, if there is no need to arrange work position at the university for the spouse or the spouse remains unemployed for 5 years, 2,000 RMB/month living allowance will be provided. 

Setting-in Allowance of 200,000 RMB

1. Majors of doctoral graduates that are not qualified for getting the setting-in allowance of 300,000 RMB: Power System and Automation, Thermal Power Engineering, Engineering Thermophysics.

2. Control Science and Engineering: The bachelor degree, master’s degree and doctoral degree majors should be related to ‘Control Science and Engineering’, and he/she should have some study or research experience in ‘Thermal Automation’.

3. Applied Chemistry-Power Plant Chemistry: Bachelor degree in Applied Chemistry, and master’s degree and doctoral degree in the same research area.

4. Environmental Engineering-Electric Power Environmental Protection: Bachelor degree in Environmental Engineering, and master’s degree and doctoral degree in the same research area.

5. Civil Engineering-Structural Engineering or Geotechnical Engineering: Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering, ‘Civil Engineering’ as the first-grade subject for master’s degree.

While setting-in allowance is provided, if there is no need to arrange work position at the university for the spouse or the spouse remains unemployed for 5 years, 2,000 RMB/month living allowance will be provided. 

Setting-in Allowance of 100,000 RMB

Majors of doctoral graduates that are not qualified for getting the setting-in allowance of 300,000 RMB or 200,000 RMB: High Voltage and Insulation Technology, Power Electronics and Power Drives, Theory and New Technology of Electrical Engineering, Circuits and Systems, Fluid Machinery and Engineering, Power Machinery and Engineering, Marine Engineering, Heating, Gas Supply, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Engineering, Nuclear Energy Science and Engineering, Nuclear Technology and Applications, Control Theory and Control Engineering, Systems Engineering, Detection Technology and Automatic Equipment, Pattern Recognition and Intelligence, Techniques &Instruments of Measurement, Computer Applications Technology, Computer Architecture, Computer Software and Theory, Communication and Information Systems, Signal and Information Processing, Applied Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Municipal Engineering, Disaster Prevention and Reduction Engineering and Protective Engineering, Engineering Mechanics, Engineering Management, Accounting, Business Management (including: Financial Management, Marketing, Human Resource Management), Technology Economy and Management, Management Science and Engineering, Mechanical Manufacture and Automation, Mechatronic Engineering, Mechanical Design and Theory, Materials Processing Engineering, Clothing Design and Engineering, Artistic Design, Fundamental Mathematics, Computational Mathematics, Probability Theory & Mathematical Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Operational Research and Cybernetics, Theoretical Physics, Radio Physics, Linguistics and Applied Linguistics in Foreign Languages (English), Japanese Language and Literature, English Language and Literature, Physical Education Training, Fundamental Principles of Marxism, Marxist Philosophy, Philosophy of Science and Technology, Drama and Film Studies, Educational Technology.

While setting-in allowance is provided, if there is no need to arrange work position at the university for the spouse or the spouse remains unemployed for 5 years, 1,500 RMB/month living allowance will be provided. 

Better treatment will be provided to outstanding doctoral degree owners with prominent achievement. Details can be discussed in person. 

This file takes effect from Sept. 2015, after approved by the principal office meeting.


Email for CVs: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Address: 169 Changchun Road, Jilin City, Jilin Province

Zip code: 132012

Contact persons: Mr. Su, Mr. Li


86-432-64807437, 64806682


Excellent Faculty

  • 2 First Batch Candidates of the Ten Thousand Talents Program: Mu Gang, Li Guoqing. 
  • National Outstanding Middle-aged and Young Experts: Sun Jian, Mu Gang.
  • National Outstanding Professional Technical Talents: Mu Gang.
  • Candidates of the National Project of “Hundred, Thousand, Ten Thousand” Professionals for New Century: Mu Gang, Li Guoqing, Cai Guowei.
  • Outstanding Teachers in Higher Education Institutions: Mu Gang.
  • Winners of Government Special Allowance by the State Council: Sun Jian, Qiu Changtao, Wang Manjia, Cheng Weicai, Luo Jichou, Chen Yonglin, Song Jiahua, Xie Hailong, Xu Chunxi, Han Xuejun, Deng Tianri, Zhang Chun, Chang Botao, Yang Shanrang, Yang Yuheng, Ren Xianwen, Ding Yuequn, Deng Jixiang, Yang Yurong, Wang Baochun, Ye Rongxue, Wei Jiading, Han Yucai, Ma Shuxun, Mu Gang, Zhang Yuduo, Zhou Yunlong, Dang Deyu, Lv Tai, Li Junwen, Li Guoqing, Xu Zhiming, Li Shaohua, Cai Guowei.
  • Outstanding Experts of Jilin Province: Mu Gang, Yang Shanrang.
  • Senior Experts of Jilin Province: Mu Gang, Li Guoqing, Zhou Yunlong, Yang Shanrang.
  • Candidates of Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University: Sun Bin.
  • Middle-aged and Young Technical Talents with Outstanding Contribution of Jilin Province: Li Guoqing, Zhou Yunlong, Xu Zhiming, Cai Guowei, Wang Qing, Lv Tai, Wang Jianguo, Li Yong, Yan Gangui, Qiu Changtao, Luo Jishou, Guan Xiaohui, Sun Mojie, Qin Li, Hong Wenpeng, Sun Bin.
  • Candidates of Top-Notch Innovative Talent Project in Jilin Province: Mu Gang, Zhou Yunlong, Cai Guowei, Wang Jianguo, Wang Qing, Lv Tai, Guan Xiaohui, Yan Gangui, Li Yong, Lu Xingfa, Xu Zhiming, Lu Zhiwei, Sun Lingfang, Cao Lihua, Guo Xiaoli. 
  • Excellent Overseas Returnees of Jilin Province: Zhou Yunlong.
  • The First Batch of Chief Professors of New Century Excellent Talents in Higher Education Institutions in Jilin Province: Mu Gang
  • The First Batch of Middle-Aged and Young Leading Teachers in Higher Education Institutions in Jilin Province: Li Guoqing, Zhou Yunlong, Xu Zhiming, Li Yong. 
  • Outstanding Teachers in Higher Education Institutions in Jilin Province: Mu Gang, Zhou Yunlong, Lu Zhiwei, Zhang Jie, Ju Yanzhong.
  • One Hundred Leading Talents in Science and Technology in Jilin Province: Li Guoqing, Cai Guowei, Wang Qing, Yan Gangui, Jia Ruokun.
  • The First Batch of Discipline Leading Professors of Jilin: Wang Qing, Ju Yanzhong, Qu Zhaoyang.
  • Outstanding Talents in Science and Technology for New Century in Jilin Province: Yan Gangui, Wang Qing, Cao Lihua, Sun Lingfang, Sun Mojie, Yu Dayu, Liu Chuncheng, Xiao Bai, Sun Bin, Qin Li, Wei Chunming. 
  • Science and Technology Award for the Young in Jilin Province: Zhou Yunlong, Yan Gangui, Sun Lingfang.
  • Young and Middle-aged Scientific and Technological Innovation Potential Leaders of Jilin Province: Yan Gangui, Sun Baizhong.
  • National Advanced Workers: Zhou Yunlong.
  • National Outstanding Workers in Science and Technology: Mu Gang, Li Guoqing. 
  • The “Five One” Labor Medal: Deng Tianri. 
  • The “Three Eight” Red-Banner Pacesetters: Zhao Shuhua
  • Advanced Individuals of National Staff’s Professional Ethics Construction: Mu Gang.
  • Top Model Workers of Jilin Province: Mu Gang, Zhou Yunlong, Luo Jishou. 
  • Model Workers of Jilin Province: Zhao Shuhua, Zhu Huanliang, Deng Tianri. 
  • The “Five One” Labor Medal of Jilin Province: Li Guoqing, Zhu Huanliang.
  • National Outstanding Teachers: Cai Guowei, Ding Yuequn, Zhang Chun. 
  • National Advanced Educators: Li Junwen.
  • National Advanced Individuals of Teachers’ Morality: Wang Tiejun.
  • National Outstanding Educators in Higher Education Institutions: Zhang Guoyuan.
  • National Outstanding Ideological and Political Educators in Higher Education Institutions: Zhang Guoyuan.
  • National Model Workers in Education System: Luo Jishou.
  • National Model Workers in Electric Power Industry: Sun Jian.
  • National Outstanding Teachers in Electric Power Industry: Li Guoqing, Zhou Yunlong, Wang Qing, Ding Yuequn, Deng Jixiang, Zhou Guoxiang.
  • National Advanced Workers in Textile System: Zhu Huanliang.
  • Outstanding Middle-Aged and Young Teachers of Department of Energy: Han Xuejun, Li Junwen.
  • Outstanding Party Workers of Jilin Province: Li Chen.
  • Outstanding  Communists of Jilin Province: Xing Xiaomin.
  • Teaching and Educating Models of Jilin Province: Guan Xiaohui, Zhang Jie.
  • Outstanding Teachers of Jilin Province: Mu Gang, Zhou Yunlong, Xu Zhiming, Guan Xiaohui, Wang Tiejun.
  • Outstanding Party Workers in Higher Education Institutions of Jilin Province: Zhang Guoyuan, Liu Guangsheng. 
  • Outstanding Communists in Higher Education Institutions of Jilin Province: Guan Xiaohui, Ju Yanzhong, Li Bing, Wang Xiku, Wen Zhu.
  • Advanced Individuals of Teachers’ Ethics in Education System in Jilin Province: Xu Zhiming, Yan Gangui, Guan Xiaohui, Wang Tiejun, Qu Ru, Sun Lingfang.
  • Outstanding Technology Innovation Pacesetters of Jilin Province: Li Guoqing.
  • Outstanding Technology Innovation Experts of Jilin Province: Sun Lingfang, Wang Qing.
  • Outstanding Economic and Technological Innovation Experts of Jilin Province: Yan Gangui.
  • The “Three Eight” Red-Banner Pacesetters of Jilin Province: Guo Baohua, Zhang Xirong, Jia Yuzhuo.
  • Doctoral Students Supervisors: Mu Gang, Li Guoqing, Li Shaohua, Zhou Yunlong, Cai Guowei, Xu Zhiming, Wang Qing, Yan Gangui, Li Yong, Qu Zhaoyang.
  • Outstanding Teaching Staff of NEDU: Wang Tiejun, Wang Jianguo, Lan Hua, Liu Yaonian, Song Renjie, Zhang Jie, Zhang Xirong, Qu Zhaoyang, Xing Lijun, Han Li, Dang Deyu, Xu Zhiming, Lu Zhiwei, Ju Yanzhong, Qin Li, Sun Lingfang, Zeng Lingquan, Sun Hongfei, Zhang Hongjing, Cao Lihua, Han Xuejun, Wu Chunming, Guo Xinchen, Li Yongping, Sun Xiangwen.
  • Young and Mid-aged Academic Leaders of NEDU: Xiao Bai, Yan Gangui, Bai Jingru, Sun Bin, Cao Shengxian, Chen Lijun, Men Hong, Sun Lingfang, Jia Ruokun, Yu Dayu, Zhang Lanhe, Zhang Yingjie, Liu Chuncheng, Wang Jianyuan.
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