Invited by Utah State University, a delegation of three led by Lv Hailong, Secretary of Discipline Inspection Committee of NEDU, visited USU from March 6 to 11, 2013. The delegation attended the 125th Founders Day Celebration of USU.

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Recommended and voted by Jilin Province Association for Science and Technology, evaluated by Review Committee of State Outstanding Contributor and approved by China Association for Science and Technology National Committee Standing Committee, Professor Li Guoqing is honored as the Fifth State Outstanding Contributor. He is the second professor of NEDU entitled.

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Maps & Directions


  • For those who arrive at Jilin City by train, taking a taxi to NEDU costs you 16 to 18 yuan.
  • For those who come by coach, you can take Bus No. 34 and get off at Huang Qi Jie bus stop and transfer to Bus No. 8 and get off at the bus stop of Northeast Dianli University. Or, you can first take Bus No. 61 and get off at the bus stop of De Sheng Men and transfer to Bus No. 8 to Northeast Dianli University. You can also take a taxi to NEDU directly and the fare is about 15 yuan. 
  • For those who come by plane, you can take a taxi to NEDU and the fare is about 150 yuan. You can also take an airport shuttle bus which will take you to Jilin railway station and you can take Bus No. 8 to NEDU.
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Range of High-Level Talents Wanted by NEDU

According to the need of discipline construction and development, a range of high-level talents are wanted by NEDU. They are:

1. The first level: Famous scholars such as academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, “Chang Jiang Scholars”, candidate of national “1000-Scholars Project”, winner of National Outstanding Youth Fund.

2. The second level: Academic leaders. Have great influence in the academic circle. Have high academic attainments and outstanding research achievements in his/her own field. Have been or being in charge of national research projects which have been awarded as scientific research achievements at the provincial or ministerial level. Have innovative ideas on discipline construction and academic research. Have the abilities of leading the discipline to maintain or catch up with domestic and international advanced level.

3. The third level: Outstanding graduates with a doctoral degree.

Required Qualifications:

1. Introduced high-level talents are required to be loyal to his/her motherland, love and be dedicated to his/her work, have a rigorous attitude on academic work, earnestly fulfill the responsibilities of teaching knowledge and educating students. Be healthy, willing to make contribution to the construction and development of Northeast Dianli University.

2. A doctoral degree is required for introduced high-level talents. Not over 50 years old in principal.

Agreement and Treatment

1. Agreement management is applied to introduced talents by NEDU. Both parties sign the employment agreement, and determine both parties’ responsibilities, rights and obligations, as well as rules for breach of agreement.

2. NEDU provides necessary working and living conditions for introduced talents according to specific circumstances. Priority to arranging office and laboratory housing by the school or department introduced talents belong to is also included. As follows:

The first level: a set of 3-to-5-year transitional housing, scientific research start-up capital 2,000,000 yuan, 10,000 yuan monthly allowance for high-level talents, 1,000,000 setting-in allowance are provided.

The second level: a set of 3-to-5-year transitional housing, scientific research start-up capital 300,000 yuan, 3,000 yuan monthly allowance for academic leaders, 300,000 setting-in allowance are provided.

The third level: a set of 3-to-5-year transitional housing, scientific research start-up capital 50,000 yuan, 2,000 yuan monthly doctor allowance which accumulates 100 yuan per year until 3,000 yuan, a notebook computer, appointment to associate professor or professor technical position by NEDU and 60,000 to 15,000 yuan setting-in allowance are provided.

Specialties and Research Orientations Needed

1、Electrical Engineering and  Its Automation
2、High Voltage and Insulating Technology
3、Electronics and Power Drive
4、Electronic Theories and New Technologies
5、Electric Circuits and System
6、Thermal Engineering
7、Engineering Thermo Physics。
8、Flow Fluid Machinery and Engineering
9、Power Machinery and Engineering
10、Nuclear Energy Science and Engineering
11、Nuclear Technology and Applications
12、Marine Engineering
13、Heating, Gas Supply, Ventilating and Air Condition Engineering
14、Control Theory and Control Engineering
15、System Engineering
16、Detection Technique and Automation Device
17、Pattern Recognition and Intelligence System
18、Measuring and Testing Technologies and Instruments
19、Computer Application Technology
20、Computer Software and Theory
21、Computer System Structure
22、Communication and Information System
23、Signal and Information Processing
24、Applied Chemistry
25、Analytical Chemistry
26、Inorganic Chemistry
27、Organic Chemistry
28、Chemical Engineering
29、Environment Engineering
30、Structural Engineering
31、Engineering Management
32、Geotechnical Engineering
33、Municipal Engineering
34、Disaster Prevention and reduction Engineering and Protective Engineering
35、Engineering Mechanics
37、The Study of Firm Management
38、Technical Economy and Management
39、Management Science and Engineering
40、Mechanical Manufacturer and Automation
41、Mechatronic Engineering
42、Mechanical Design and Theory
43、Materials Processing Engineering
44、Elementary Mathematics
45、Computational Mathematics
46、Probability and Mathematical Statistics
47、Applied Mathematics
48、Operational Research and Cybernetics
49、Theoretical Physics
50、Radio Physics
51、Clothing Design and Engineering
52、Art Design
53、Linguistics and Applied Linguisticsin
56、Theory of Sports Pedagogy and Training
57、Marxist Fundamental Theory
58、Marxist philosophy  
59、Philosophy of Science and Technology
60、Drama and Film Studies
61、Educational Technology

Contact Us

Address: No.169, Changchun Road, Jilin City, Jilin Province.
Zip code: 132012
Contact persons:Mr. Wang, Mr. Xu and Mr. Li.
Tel: (86-432-)64806437、64807437、64806682
Fax: (86-432-)64806682
E-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
If interested, you are welcomed to send your resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   by email, or contact us by phone. We sincerely welcome outstanding talents at home and abroad to join us, and together create a brilliant tomorrow! 

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Department of Party and Administration

  • President’s Office
  • Department of Party Organization/Department of the United Front Work/Party School
  • Public Relations Department
  • Commission for Administrative Procedure/Department of Supervision and Auditing
  • Department of Student Affairs/Youth League Committee
  • University Labor Union
  • Youth League Committee
  • Teaching Affairs Office
  • Department of Scientific & Technological Research and Application/Northeast Revitalization Project Office
  • Human Resources Department
  • Department of Planning and Finance
  • Department of Campus Assets and Logistic Affairs Management
  • Department of Admissions and Student Employment
  • Security Department
  • Armed Forces Department
  • Department of Retired Staff Services
  • Alumni Association
  • Archive Establishment
  • Informationization Office
  • Partisan Office
  • Graduate Faculty/Office of Degree and Curriculum Development
  • Office of International Cooperation and Exchange


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Authorized Master and Doctorate Disciplines

NEDU is one of the first master degree authorization units in our country. NEDU started recruiting postgraduate students in 1978. In 1992, NEDU began jointly training doctoral candidates with key universities in the country. In 2003, under the principal of “Plan Separately, Train Jointly”, Degree Office of the State Council approved of 2 of NEDU’s disciplines recruiting doctoral candidates, Power System and Its Automation and Thermal Power Engineering. In 2009, approved by Degree Office of the State Council, NEDU became one of the Doctoral Degree Granting Project Constructing Units. 2 disciplines, Electrical Engineering and Power Engineering and Thermalphysics, became Doctoral Degree Granting Project Constructing Disciplines.

At present, NEDU has Master degree authorization for 11 first level disciplines, 35 second level disciplines, and the university also has 7 Engineering master’s degree programs.

Name List of Master’s Degree Programs

No. Name of Master’s Degree Programs
1 Elementary Mathematics
2 Computational Mathematics
3 Probability and Mathematical Statistics
4 Applied Mathematics
5 Operational Research and Cybernetics
6 Precision Instrument and Machinery
7 Measuring Technology and Instrument
8 Engineering Thermophysics
9 Thermal Engineering
10 Power Machinery and Engineering
11 Flow Fluid Machinery and Engineering
12 Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering
13 Chemical Process Equipment
14 Electrical Machinery and Electrical Equipment
15 Power System and Automation
16 High Voltage and Insulating Technology
17 Electronics and Power Drive
18 Electronic Theories and New Technologies
19 Communication and Information System
20 Signal and Information Processing
21 Control Theory and Control Engineering
22 Detection Technique and Automation Device
23 System Engineering
24 Pattern Recognition and Intelligence System
25 Navigation, Guidance and Control
26 Computer Architecture
27 Computer Software and Theory
28 Computer Application Technology
29 Geotechnical Engineering
30 Structure Engineering
31 Municipal Engineering
32 Heating, Gas Supply, Ventilating and Air Condition Engineering
33 Disaster Prevention and reduction Engineering and Protective Engineering
34 Bridge and Tunnel Engineering
35 Chemistry Engineering
36 Chemical Process Machinery
37 Biochemistry
38 Applied Chemistry
39 Industrial Catalysis
40 Accountancy
41 The Study of Firm Management
42 Tourism Management
43 Technical Economy and Management
44 Marxist Fundamental Theory
45 Ideology & Political Education
46 Art Design
47 Mechanical Manufacturer and Automation
48 Environment Engineering

Name List of Doctoral Programs in the Model of “Plan Separately, Train Jointly”

No. Name List of Doctoral Programs
1 Power System and Its Automation
2 Thermal Engineering
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Undergraduate and Junior Programs

  • Electrical Engineering and Its Automation
  • Electronic Information Engineering
  • Electronic Information Science and Technology
  • Thermal Power Engineering
  • Civil Environment and Equipment Engineering
  • Industry Design
  • Nuclear Engineering and Nuclear Technology
  • Wind Power Engineering
  • Mechanical Design, Manufacture and Automation
  • Materials Shaping and Control Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Engineering Administration
  • Water Supply and Drainage Engineering
  • Applied Chemistry
  • Light Industry Engineering
  • Printing Engineering
  • Environment Engineering
  • Biology Engineering
  • Accounting
  • Information Management and Information System
  • Business Administration
  • Marketing
  • Computer Science and Technology
  • Communication Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Automation
  • Measuring and Controlling Technology and Apparatus
  • Japanese
  • English
  • Information and Calculation Science
  • Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
  • Social Work
  • Leisure Sports
  • Writing and Direction of Broadcast Television
  • Art Design
  • Fashion Design and Engineering
  • Cartoon
  • Electrical Engineering and Its Automation
  • International Economics and Trade
  • Technology of Power Supply and Consumption
  • Electromechanical Integration Technology
  • Construction, Operation and Maintenance of High Voltage Transmission and Distribution Lines
  • Centralized Control and Operation of Thermal Power Plant
  • Power Plant and Power System


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Overview of Scientific Research

Department of Scientific & Technological Research and Application is a university’s permanent business institution where scientific and technological work is carried out and university-run industry is managed. Led by the university, Department of Scientific & Technological Research and Application performs the duties of serving, coordinating and managing. During the time of “11th Five Year”, NEDU has achieved an important breakthrough in its scientific and technological work. NEDU undertakes 22 programs from “973 Program” and National Natural Science Fund, among which vertical scientific research funds increase substantially. NEDU wins 1 National Scientific and Technological Progress Prize, 27 Provincial and Ministerial Scientific and Technological Progress Prize. 1337 articles are included in SCI, EI and ISTP. 22 academic monographs are published, 48 invention patents are granted. NEDU has won many titles of honor, such as “National Advanced Group of Science and Research Management in Higher Education Institutions”, “Advanced Unit for Serving and Making Great Contribution to Revitalize Jilin Old Industrial Base”, and “Advanced Group for Science and Technology Vitalizing City”, etc.  Aiming at satisfying our nation’s great demand for science and technology, together with all the teachers and students at NEDU, staff of Department of Scientific & Technological Research and Application will further enhance the university’s capability of independent innovation, and help NEDU’s scientific and technological industry develop rapidly and sustainably.

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Schools and Departments

  • School of Electrical Engineering
  • School of Energy and Power Engineering
  • School of Mechanic Engineering
  • School of Civil Engineering
  • School of Chemical Engineering
  • School of Economics and Management
  • School of Automation Engineering
  • School of Foreign Languages
  • School of Science
  • School of Social Sciences
  • School of Physical Education
  • Department of Media Technology and Transmission
  • School of Arts
  • College of International Exchange
  • School of Power Transmission and Distribution Technology
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