Graduate Programs

NEEPU is one of the first master degree authorization units in our country. NEEPU started recruiting postgraduate students in 1978. In 1992, NEEPU began jointly training doctoral candidates with key universities in the country. In 2003, under the principal of “Plan Separately, Train Jointly”, Degree Office of the State Council approved of 2 of NEEPU’s disciplines recruiting doctoral candidates, Power System and Its Automation and Thermal Power Engineering. In 2003, the university was authorised to award professional master degree. In 2013, approved by the 30th session of Degree Office of the State Council, NEEPU was authorized as a doctoral degree awarding unit, with Electrical Engineering and Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics as its first-level disciplines of doctoral degree.

The university is authorized to recommend excellent undergraduates to go on to study at graduate schools. At present, NEEPU has 2 first-level disciplines of doctoral degree, 11 first-level disciplines and 49 second-level disciplines of master degree and the university also has 9 authorization fields of master of engineering.

Disciplines of Professional Master Degree
0452 Master of Physical Education
0551 Master of Interpreting and Translation
085206 Power Engineering
085207 Electrical Engineering
085210 Control Engineering
085211 Computer Technology
085213 Architectural and Civil Engineering
085216 Chemical Engineering
085239 Project Management

First-level Disciplines of Master Degree
0701 Mathematics
0804 Instrument Science and Technology
0807 Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics
0808 Electrical Engineering
0810 Information and Communication Engineering
0811 Control Science and Engineering
0812 Computer Science and Technology
0814 Civil Engineering
0817 Chemical Engineering and Technology
0835 Software Engineering
1202 Business Administration

Second-level Disciplines of Master Degree
030501 Basic Principles of Marxism
030505 Ideological and Political Education
070101 Fundamental Mathematics
010102 Computational Mathematics
070103 Probability Theory and Numeral Statistics
070104 Applied Mathematics
070105 Operational Research and Cybernetics
080201 Mechanical Manufacture and Its Automation
080401 Precision Instrument and Machinery
080402 Measuring Technology and Instrument
080701 Engineering Thermophysics
080702 Thermal Engineering
080703 Power Machinery and Engineering
080704 Flow Fluid Machinery and Engineering
080705 Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering
080706 Chemical Process Equipment
080801 Electrical Machinery and Electrical Equipment
080802 Power System and its Automation
080803 High Voltage and Insulating Technology
080804 Electronics and Power Drive
080805 Electronic Theories and New Technologies
081001 Communication and Information System
081002 Signal and Information Processing
081101 Control Theory and Control Engineering
081102 Detection Technique and Automation Device
081103 Systems Engineering
081104 Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System
081105 Navigation, Guidance and Control
081202 Computer Software and Theory
081203 Computer Application Technology
081401 Geotechnical Engineering
081402 Structural Engineering
081403 Municipal Engineering
081404 Heat, Gas Supply, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering
081405 Disaster Prevention and Reduction Engineering and Protective
081406 Bridge and Tunnel Engineering
0814Z1 Power Transmission Engineering
081701 Chemical Engineering
081702 Chemical Technology
081703 Biochemical Engineering
081704 Applied Chemistry
081705 Industrial Catalysis
083002 Environmental Engineering
0835 Software Engineering
120201 Accounting
120202 Firm Management
120203 Tourism Management
120204 Technical Economy and Management
130501 Art Design

Doctoral Degree Programs
0807 Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics
0808 Electrical Engineering

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